Crossfit Classes

This is our traditional CrossFit class. You need to complete 4 consecutive CrossFit Wappoo Foundations classes or join CrossFit Wappoo as an experienced CrossFitter in order to attend our CrossFit classes.  All weights, movements and times are scale-able for every ability. In this class, the Coach guides you through a warm-up that is tailored for the day’s workout.

After the warm-up, your Coach will talk through the workout with you then review technique and strategies for best execution. Your Coach will ask if anyone needs to scale or substitute exercises or based on your experience level, may provide you with scaling or substitution exercises directly for you.

On most days, CrossFit classes will include 15-20 minutes working on technique or strength followed by a 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning workout (metcon). These workouts consist of 2-3 different movements (exercises) grouped into sets or “rounds” that may be completed for time, or as many rounds as possible in a specific time (AMRAP). We often also have workouts that are designed primarily for skill development-not done for time. No athlete can work at 100% effort every day, as a result we program our workouts to assure you are able to progress.

We encourage you to arrive a little early and stay for a few minutes after to workout to get a little additional stretching, roll on foam rollers or work on a few skills.

Call 843.225.0484 or visit our “Get Started” Page in the top right to let us know you want to get started.