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1904100_777980394421_7078214499007645742_nKeane Steele – Coach / Owner

While he was first introduced to CrossFit while at The Citadel around 2007 but did not start working out at an affiliate until 2011.  Through high school Keane played football and wrestled while strength training during the spring.  After his first CrossFit class he was hooked.  A structural engineer by day Keane’s analytical engineering mind kicked in as he began to read countless blogs, books, and articles to learn more about practical programming for strength and conditioning and more specifically CrossFit.  He became interested in competing in powerlifting and competed in multiple meets in the USAPL (USA Powerlifting) throughout SC, NC, and GA over the past 2 years.  Keane has earned certificates as a  CrossFit Level 1 Coach, a USAPL Club Coach, and Pendlay Weightlifting Level 1 & 2.   If you have any questions for Keane please do not hesitate to come in of shoot him an email at Keane@CrossFitWappoo.com .

What I enjoy most about coaching is witnessing that moment when someone finally realizes that they can do it…be it a specific movement, a workout, or just CrossFit in general.  While sometimes intimidating at first, it is for everyone and everyone can benefit from our group classes.  After someone realizes that they can do it there is no stopping them…it goes from “I hope I can survive this one” to “I am going to crush this one.”  The confidence they gain and what they learn in our gym goes way beyond barbells and pull-ups, it makes people realize their true strength and potential, which echos throughout their life outside of the gym.

Laura Steele- Coach / Owner / One-on-One Trainer









Eric Wensel – Coach

337376_3622042434141_991418701_oSince the age of 10 fitness has been a huge part of Eric’s life. While growing up he was always playing a sport and his father helped him realize at a young age that exercise would make him a better athlete. So as the sports he played when he was younger started to fade out, CrossFit stepped in. The team atmosphere and the competitive nature of CrossFit has pushed Eric to become a better athlete and person. Now being able to coach and push others to do their best has become a huge part of his life. With such a great community of people Coach Eric looks forward to each day where we can all challenge and better ourselves.




Mike Zaucha-Coach









Frank Higginbotham- Coach


Matt Irwin- Coach








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